QuickSlick Finish Plastic Conditioner & UV Protectant

PLASTICLEAR QuickSlick Finish       Plastic Conditioner Multi-Surface UV Protectant  

Repels water and sunlight!   Restores any surface to like new condition!     CLEANS AND PROTECTS!

PLASTICLEAR  QuickSlick Finish Multi-Surface UV Polish is easy to apply UV protection for your headlights, tail lights and other surfaces. This high performance product conditions and restores optical clarity to most any surface to like new condition!  Amazing results!

Use QuickSlick Finish on dashboards, vinyl or leather seats. door panels, consoles, trim, bumpers, plastic surfaces, headlights, tail lights, electronic devices and displays etc.

Safe, Spill Proof Formula! 

 Wipe On Wipe Off! 

Non Abrasive. Safe for all surfaces. Contains special polishing ingredients plus Sunscreen. Use this product often to keep your headlights and other surfaces clean and protected from moisture and harsh UV rays. Advanced, highly concentrated formulation provides high performance results even when a very small amount of product is applied. Provides a protective layer (promotes water beading) and makes most surfaces much smoother and improves scratch resistance.

Special spill proof product also works great by reconditioning most surfaces like brand new! Works great for moisture protection on all electronic devices and displays including: cell phones, lap tops, PDAs, keyboards, cash registers, copy machines, credit card terminals, DVD players, car stereos, audio equipment, dash board buttons and displays, plastic boat windows, marine electronics, fishing equipment, power tools, emergency vehicle lighting, Plastic speedometer displays and vehicle gauges and more!. Over 1001 uses! 2oz Spill proof



QuickSlick Finish Plastic Conditioner & UV Protectant Spill-Proof
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